Software Testing Resources


I wrote a chapter for the book: Experiences of Test Automation (edited by Dot Graham and Mark Fewster) which is a feast of test automation and well worth a read (especially chapter 5).

Some time ago I was co-author of The Netscape JavaScript Book. It is, sadly, out of print now but it got great reviews and I think that it is still a good introduction to programming for any of you testers out there who want to get programming.

Software Testing Papers and Articles

Test Automation From Record/Playback to Frameworks is a paper I gave at EuroSTAR 2007 in Stockholm and covers the different approaches to building GUI test automation.

An Entity Model of Software Testing is a paper I gave at EuroSTAR 2008 which provides a rigorous model of what software testing is and how the test documents or ‘entities’ are related to each other.

Articles from Professional Tester Magazine:

These are rather ancient but they are still a ripping good yarn.  I’ll be updating them soon.

Ghost in the machine Part 1: The Myth of Record/Playback.
A look at the wonderful world of record/playback.

Ghost in the machine Part 2: Starting Test Automation Projects
An overview of automation projects.

Ghost in the machine Part 3: Data-Driven Architectures
How test automation moved to data-driven approaches.

Ghost in the machine Part 4: Introducing Advanced Automation Architectures
A discussion of  advanced test automation approaches and test automation frameworks.

Ghost in the machine Part 5: New Ways to Create Automation Code
The reasons for new approaches to building the code for automated testing tools.  This branch of automation thinking hasn’t really gone far, mainly because web pages are too dynamic to analyse.  It still can apply in certain test automation circumstances.

Ghost in the machine Part 6: New Ways to Create Automation Code
The series ends with a discussion of user interface object mapping frameworks.