‘Get Going With’ series of blogs

I try to get a good understanding of how the systems I test are built, as well as how to test them. This means keeping up to date with development and testing technology as much as I can.  It is not easy as there are so many new bits of tech to learn and my time is limited.  I might only need an overview of what the technology is or just a flavour of it, but I find a lot of introductions often dive into masses of detail too quickly.

I started the Get Going With series to show you what a piece of technology does as quickly as possible. I believe that the best way to learn something is to see it and then to have a play around with it.

Most of the articles in the Get Going With series haves the same format which is:

  • What is it?
  • Get going with it on your computer – asap
  • Have a play around with it
  • Next steps if you want to take it further

Some of the blogs I have written or plan to write are given below. The published blogs (below) are the ones with links to them. If there is no link then I plan to write the it soon – promise. I’ll be adding posts so subscribe on the right hand side to watch this space.

Get Going With Software Testing

These aim to get you up and running and playing around with testing:
Get Going With Software Testing
Get Going with Agile Software Testing

Get Going With Test Technology

Get up and running and playing around with Test Technology and test tools:
Get Going With Jira
Get Going with Confluence
Get Going with Cucumber and Behaviour Driver Development (BDD)
Get Going with Selenium IDE
Get Going with Selenium WebDriver

Get Going with Web Technology

This series aims to give you an understanding of how web technology works and how to learn more if you want to.
Get Going With HTML
Get Going With JavaScript

Get Going With Other stuff

Get Going With ping
Get Going With Linux