Building Test Automation Frameworks series of blogs

The main focus of this series of blogs is GUI Test Automation Frameworks.  Testing of APIs will be included as I think it is important to automate both where possible.

I’ve been building test automation frameworks for over twenty years and helped lots of organisations to automate their tests (see client list). For GUI automation I’m using Selenium WebDriver now but I have used UFT (QTP), WinRunner, LoadRunner, QARun, Robot, MS Test and many others – some of which are best forgotten.

In this series I’m trying to distil everything I have learned about test automation over the years.  It is very much my own approach but having said that my GUI test automation has always worked and even produced a ROI (Return On Investment) of over £350k over three years for one client.  I have always built frameworks which can be either Keyword Driven or can use more standard approaches – what I call Code Driven.  I’m also interested in how the tests are written whether that is using Gherkin syntax in Cucumber/Specflow or just Excel.

Some of the blogs I have written or plan to write are given below.  The published blogs (below) are the ones with links to them. If there is no link then I plan to write the it soon – promise. I’ll be adding to this list over time. so subscribe to the blog on the right hand side to watch this space.

Learning Test Automation Tools

Some of these are also part of the Get Going With series
Get Going with Selenium IDE
Get Going with Selenium WebDriver
What is there to learn about test automation tools

Starting Your Test Automation Project

Automating the GUI is (probably) not the place to start
Choosing a test automation tool?

Types of Framework

What is a Test Automation Framework?
The Get Going framework
Why Keyword Driven frameworks?
junit and nunit Frameworks

Other Automation stuff

Test Automation ROI (Return On Investment)