Test Liberation: A Script-less Test Automation Framework for UFT

Our clients test Oracle EBS automatically at night, whilst they are tucked up in bed asleep

A Script-less Test Automation Framework

Simply Testing’s test automation framework, Test Liberation, is available for HP UFT (previously known as QTP or QuickTest Proessional).  It is a complete test automation method which virtually eliminates the need to program automated tests. It provides the most maintainable automation structure and a sound platform for full keyword driven automation, improving quality, reducing resource requirements, and eliminating expensive scripting.It is a truly script-less test automation framework which offers a tried and tested path to QTP automated testing.Test Liberation for HPE UFT takes the pain out of implementing test automation and allows organisations to quickly get up and running with automated tests.  It eliminates the need for VBScript programming in QTP and vastly reduces maintenance.  This means that there is no need for expensive specialist QTP programming resource.Automated Regression TestingTest Liberation is ideal for automating your regression testing.  Boring repetitive tests can be run unattended over night whilst you sleep. At one of our clients a 30 man-day regression test can now be run in 6 hours over night!Benefits of Test Liberation

  • You do not have to write UFT program code or – it’s already done for you
  • Reduces time to get automation up and running
  • Reduces cost of test automation
  • Reduces risk of failure of automation project as Test Liberation is a mature, tried and tested method

Test Liberation Features

  • Thousands of lines of highly tested, highly maintainable automation code
  • Test Analysts use the Test Liberation Test Data Manager to create the tests
  • Tests are fully auditable
  • Automation results can be fed back into to test management tools such as HP ALM, Quality Centre

The traditional way to create test automation is to hire test tool specialists who program (script) tests in the language of the tool.  This can mean huge resource requirements for all but the simplest of systems. With the traditional method you will also have a maintenance task as your system under test changes and even have to test the test programs as they are changed.  The Test Liberation scriptless approach eliminates programming from the picture.  Tests can be built by your subject matter experts with no need for specialist programming knowledge and there is no need to maintain  the test code as your system changes.
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