Test Liberation: Case Study – Automated Testing of a Java System

Automated Testing of the ‘Peace’, Java CRM system for Airtricty

Airtricity, a major supplier of renewable energy in Ireland, licensed the Test Liberation framework in order to test their Java-based Peace CRM system.

Airtricity had a major problem with the quality of the build of it’s many test environments.  There was a long lead time to get testers up and testing with a new environment and the problem was extending the time to release.

The Test Liberation Framework was customised to be able to automate the Java objects in the Peace user interface.  A number of tests were automated and the framework was handed over to Airtricity staff to complete building the tests.

“We’d be lost without the Liberation automated tests. We use automation on every release in order to prove the environment and find major bugs. This gives our manual testers more time to concentrate on the complex parts of the system and so we can get much greater test coverage in the time allocated to testing.”  Test Manager, Airtricity

Main Achievements:

  • The Simply Testing consultant customised the Test Liberation Framework for the Java-Based Peace system in  only 30 days.
  • Hand-over was achieved with only 6 days on-site. This situation is unusual and not applicable in all cases but it does demonstrated Test Liberation’s ease of use and the learning curve required.
  • Happy customer – build quality greatly improved.

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