Press Release: Betfair license Simply Testing Technology

May 2003.

Betfair license the test automation architecture, ATAA (now Liberation) from Simply Testing Ltd

20th May 2003. Simply Testing Ltd has agreed to provide its leading edge test automation architecture (ATAA) to Betfair (The Sporting Exchange Ltd).  Betfair will use the technology to automate testing of its world leading betting exchange web site.  The agreement includes Simply Testing providing the WinRunner version of its Advanced Test Automation Architecture (ATAA).

Aidus McVeigh, Tech QA Manger at Betfair said “Simply Testing’s automation architecture will provide a solid platform for Betfair’s automated regression testing.”

“The automation architecture gives a head start for Betfair “, said John Kent, Managing Director of Simply Testing Ltd.  ”It is a tried and tested method for test automation which includes thousands of lines of pre-built, pre-tested WinRunner TSL code.”

About Betfair

Betfair is the trading name of The Sporting Exchange Ltd.  Betfair, the market leading betting exchange, was launched in June 2000 and is already the biggest and most successful online betting company in the UK. A betting exchange is a bookmaker which allows punters to bet on prices set by punters themselves rather than by a traditional bookmaker, which, by one independent study, results in Betfair’s odds being 20% better than bookmakers’ starting prices. At peak times the exchange – based on the NYSE – matches up to 12,000 bets a minute.

About Simply Testing Ltd (previously CISS Ltd)

Simply Testing Ltd (previously CISS Ltd) was founded in 1995 in order to provide state-of-the-art testing solutions for the software development community. Simply Testing’s client list includes Unisys, Air Products, ImagoQA, Fidelity Investments, The Commonwealth Secretariat, Zurich Financial Services, Claim Management Group Ltd, TSW International, and  PetPlan Ltd.  Simply Testing has developed advanced automation technology and methods which ensure automation success.  Simply Testing automation technology has also been licensed by Unisys and ImagoQA.

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Simply Testing Limited was previously named Computer Innovation and Software Solutions (CISS) Ltd.
TestCoda was previously known as CISSTest
Test Liberation was previously known as ATAA